The AIS Practitioner Research Community seeks to further the common interests of doctorly qualified professionals; to facilitate sharing of research results, application of those results, and other information and resources; to conduct conferences and workshops; to sponsor relevant development activities of its membership; to promote a profession of information systems practice; to facilitate mentorships, and other activities deemed appropriate by the college members.


The scope of the Community regards all matters of concern to practice researchers based in practice or university settings in the field of information systems.  Such matters include the creation and dissemination of a body of knowledge; contributing to the promotion and regulation of admission to the profession; improving the educational standards in the profession; participation in various licensure bodies; improving the value and relevance of standards, laws, and regulations relating to the profession; and other matters deemed appropriate by the members.


We are running a special issue in the European Journal of Information Systems on “Clinical Research from Information Systems Practice”. Extended Abstracts due September 15th, 2020.

The CfP can be accessed here

We intend to start an AIS College of Practice Research.

The draft Charter can be accessed here


Richard Baskerville

Georgia State University, USA

Jan vom Brocke

University of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein

Lars Mathiassen

Georgia State University, USA

Helana Scheepers

Swinburne University of Technology


Ågerfalk Pär
Baskerville Richard
Battleson Douglas
Becker Jörg
Bishop David
Bjørn-Andersen Niels
vom Brocke Jan j
Bygstad Bendik
Carugati Andrea
Conboy Kieran
Clinton Daniel
Damsgaard Jan
Davidson Elizabeth
Donnellan Brian
Denis Edwards
Fitzgerald Brian
Galletta Dennis
Gandapodi Vijaykumar
Gozman Daniel
Gregory Robert
Hassan Nik
Hevner Alan
Hirschheim Rudy
Holmström Jonny
Jensen Thomas
Jensen Tina Blegind
Kautz Karlheinz
Krogh Erik
Lacity Mary
Legner Chrstina
Leimeister JanMarco
Loebbecke Claudia
Magal Simha
Mathiassen Lars
Maedche Alexander
Mooney John
Moore Robin
Myers Michael
Nielsen Peter Axel
Pries-Heje Jan
Recker Jan
Rolland Knut-Helge
Rosemann Michael
Sawyer Steven
Scheepers Rens
Scheepers Helana
Schmitz Kurt
Sorensen Carsten
Richard Tarpey
Tuunainen Virpi
Tuunanen Tuure
Richard T. Watson

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